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KUESTIONA | First Consciousness Event in BCN

Led and was in charge of the entire strategy and execution of the 1st and 2nd edition of KUESTIONA EXPERIENCE, the first offline core event of the company, gathering over 1.500 people in a natural environment, with over 100 workshops and activities, and more than 80 teachers, speakers and professionals in the field of consciousness, wellness, awareness and self development. The event took place close to Barcelona with pluses such as: bus services, welcome pack with sustainable and useful gifts, with a variety of healthy food trucks, drinking bars, refreshing areas, free fruit and water services, live music, activities for teenagers, kids and toddlers and a complete experience for the whole family. We received a very positive NPS and the whole event was a success in matters of brand awareness, customer satisfaction, profitability and community strategy.
ADIDAS | Talent Carousel

Every year, Adidas Company picks 20 global talents within the company which develop any Management or Direction role and are willing to get out of the confort zone and embrace the new. The contest is called the TALENT CAROUSEL and only the brave ones get enroll in the contest and dare to overcome the weekly challenges that are made to make sure the real winners are willing to develop a new role in a different market/country for the next 2 years (which they only find out once they have won). They must be a natural Brand Ambassador and represent the Company's core belief: "through sports we have the power to change lives" and the 3 most important values of the Organization: Creativity, Confidence and Collaboration.


I accomplished to be 1 of the 30 finalists to go to the Talent’s Carousel 3rd generation’s HACKATHON in Nuremberg, over 33K global applicants in Adidas Company.


A cross-functional, cross-cultural development experience that showed me I can go out of my confort zone, take challenges with courage and motivation, believing in myself and NEVER GIVING UP! A learning opportunity to step up stronger, sharper and ready for more!

H&M | Store Opening Event

Led H&M's Positioning and Store Opening Marketing plans and strategies, having EL TESORO Store as the most successful Opening globally so far. Stood as the store with the highest sales in America for over a month. 

We reached >2MM € in sales during the opening event the first day, +21% over budget, with an average purchase of 60€, >5 pieces per ticket, which was 40% more than usual units per ticket,  >60% in conversion rate,  >1.500 people in queue and >10K people visiting the store.

It was the 5th store opened in Colombia and the 1st one in the city of Medellin where we had a complete traditional and digital marketing mix together with a PR strategy: OOH, DOOH, press, radio, mall domination, social media, free press, digital payed media, influencers, podcast, metro calling and both a VIP event and a music concert. 

For those who brought clothes to recycle, we offered a 25% discount coupon in order to promote one of the Brand's sustainability initiative of Garment Collecting. 

GRUPO EXITO | 70's Anniversary Campaign

Challenged enough being new in the Company, started my job leading one of the Company's most special moments and significant campaigns.


We had to celebrate together with our customers being one of the biggest and most recognized companies in Colombia for 70 years, reason why we launched a vintage campaign like never done before, having innovation and tradition as the main challenges and scopes of the Campaign, and as opposites that had to come along in perfect harmony, expressing love and gratitude to all the different generations that had believed in the Brand. 

For the first time we took the risk to launch an awareness campaign 10 days shorter than usual, expecting same sales and results, being the first campaign not focused on performance, but on brand awareness. Gratefully we surpassed sales by 115% compared to the year before and received several awards together with our creative agencies. 

H&M | Johanna Ortiz x H&M Launch Event

Led Johanna Ortiz x H&M’s Marketing campaign and launch event, summoning +2.500 people during the launch date, reaching a ST of 93% the first date, selling +900 units, exceeding impression’s KPI by 183%, and sold out the collection in 3 days.

Johanna Ortiz, one of the most famous and recognized Colombian designers, was chosen by the brand to produce a clothing collection that could express the diversity and culture of her country. 

"Colombia's print, together with the rhythm of salsa, the elegant beauty of its orchids and the soft dance of the palm trees in one of its warm and pink sunsets, can be felt in each of the designs", expresses the artist herself. “I am delighted to have been able to develop this collection for H&M, bathed in some glamor and introducing a good part of that joy that is so typical of Latin America in the wardrobes of H&M customers.” 

ADIDAS | Store Opening Event

Led Originals’ brand Marketing plans, launches and events, reaching sold-out in various campaigns, duplicating sales and increasing traffic by 35% in 2015.

Supported record braking sales in Originals‘ Campaigns launch events, duplicating sales and increasing net quantity by 30% in 2015.

Led Gran Estacion's Opening Marketing Event, achieving 20K € in sales in less than 10 hours, being the first Originals Concept Store to overcome any Performance Store's launch event so far.

ADIDAS | People Awards

Adidas Colombia has the tradition to award its employees at the end of every year. In 2015, after 6 months working in the Company as Marketing Specialist I had the honor to be awarded as:

- BEST CAMPAIGN EXECUTER among all Latin American Markets (Brand Awareness, Sales & Conversion)


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