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IIWANNA | Owner | Founder | Designer

At the age of 19 I started my own fashion brand made of bikinis and swimwear. I was in charged of all the processes of design, marketing, sales and production, managing to successfully sell all the collections through social media, e-commerce, kermeses and fashion events.

Invited as special guest at “Muy Buenos Dias” TV show as an outstanding example of entrepreneurship and interviewed in “Fashion TV” getting recognition for the innovative prints and  authentic designs.

TAKE ME | Creativity Recognition

Featuring my first-year dress, done at the three-year fashion design course at Polimoda, in TAKE ME Magazine nr 15 - Article  “Polyphenomenon” by Olga Niescer.

Also, this piece had the recognition to be one of the 5 most creative conceptual-dresses with the highest quality standard, over 90 students in the fashion course in 2010.

'THE BRIDGE' EXHIBITION | Fashion & History

Exhibition of my historical dress in art Gallery, done during the second year of the fashion design course at Polimoda, at THE BRIDGE – Connecting Fashion, Education and City – Polimoda for SUPER exhibition in Milan.

A replica of the 1750 English-court dress used for weddings and special ceremonies. 


One of the special guests for the 2009 Vancouver Fashion Week with the SILVERWARE collection made with nothing but metal and representing a futuristic vision of warriors.

Metallic dresses made as a proposal to show a different view of fashion.  The main idea was innovating and creating a whole new perspective of clothes that can be wearable as well. The lightness, reflective and malleable properties from the metal, allowed high contrasts between lights and shadows in addition to a smooth gradient.

Recognition for my avant-gard, straight forward and out-of-the-box creations made with recycled and other common materials together with the exploration of innovative shapes and silhouettes.
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